Veckans: Vad tänker du?

Israel Pochtar

Vad tänker du på när du hör ordet Israel?

When I think about Israel, I am first and foremost reminded of God’s faithfulness. Israel is in itself an incredibly powerful parable, because God’s relationship, covenants, and dealings with the nation of Israel over the centuries have revealed to us in detail who our God is, what His character is like, and how we can relate to Him as our heavenly Father.  

If anyone is ever in doubt about the veracity of God’s Word and His commitment to you as a born-again believer, just look at the lengths He went to to bring the Israelites into their land in answer to the promises He made to the patriarchs ages ago. Despite their rebellion in the wilderness, their unfaithfulness, and their idolatry, God remained faithful because of His covenant with them. How much more does this apply to born-again believers who have been translated into the Kingdom of God through the blood of Jesus? 

If you look at modern day Israel, and all its success stories in sciences, medicine, defense, agriculture etc despite it being one of the most unreached nations and secular nations in the world, we see the proof of God’s hand and blessing upon this nation. He remains faithful to everything that He promised the patriarchs and to all His covenants. How much more will He bless us as born-again believers who have been raised from death to life in Jesus Christ? 

Look at Israel and be encouraged. Israel is a love story written by God that needs to be read by every person in this world, to recognize that there is a God in Heaven, and He is Jehovah God, the God of the Bible, who sent His only-begotten son, Jesus, into this world to die for our sins. 

Blessings and Shalom
/ Israel Pochtar, Pastor i församlingen Beit Hallel Ashdod Israel 

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