Veckans: Vad tänker du?

Mich Beener

Vad tänker du på när du hör ordet Israel?

  1. For me, as a jew who grew up in an anti-semitic environment that takes place in the former Soviet Union, from where I made my aliyah to Israel. Israel is, first of all, a home in which every jew can feel safe.
  2. For me, as a person who believes in the Scriptures, Israel is the fulfillment of prophecy, which is coming true in our day. And what seemed unreal 150-200 years ago is happening today with great speed ”Did the country rebel in one day?”.
  3. Israel – the fig tree, about which the New Testament says, is not just a symbol, but the hours of the end times.
  4. Israel, the place where the most grandiose events of the last time will take place, which most likely will come in our generation.
  5. Israel is a country and people who are increasingly becoming the center and attention and interests of people from all over the world, both those who support it and those who openly oppose it.
  6. And the last one. Israel – in my opinion, in the last days, will divide the world into two main opposing sides, for Israel and against it.

    Warm greetings, to the younger generation 🙂
    /Mich Beener – pastor i City of Life Ministry Sderot, Israel

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