Veckans: Vad tänker du?

Chad Holland

Vad tänker du på när du hör ordet Israel?

When I hear the word Israel, I think of God’s faithfulness in action. God promised blessing to Abraham and his descendants if they would walk in covenant with Him. God not only created a people group but also a land that we now call Israel. The people and the Land are both part of God’s faithfulness. And through these Jewish people and the Land of Israel, God has repeatedly used the pattern of revelation to the world in the order of God to Israel to the world. 

Scriptures, Worship, Calendar, Yeshua, Holy Spirit – they all came through the Jewish people first and then were distributed to the world. Therefore, Israel is not only a people group (Jews), not only a physical nation and land, not only a symbol of God’s faithfulness, but also God’s conduit of revelation to the world.

/ Chad Holland, Senior Pastor – King of Kings Ministries, Jerusalem

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